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For curating and searching: Just the Links
Authorstream - (upload your PowerPoint presentations online including transitions & videos)
Brickflow (tell a story by gathering hashtags and your own comments on bricks)
Diigo (collaborative bookmarking)
KredStory (for personal social network archiving)
Learni.st (ordered lists create lessons with social features)
LibGuides Community (huge network of librarian curators)
Listly (embedable lists with social features)
LiveBinders (embedable media rich binders)
Mashable Category for Curation
Mendeley (scholarly, collaborative networks)
LessonPaths (multimedia playlists) (create media-rich learning playlists)
MightyBell (create threaded discussions around collections of content and media)
News.me (email updates)
Only2Clicks (thumbnail guides with annotations)
Paper.li (create newsletters based on social media feeds)
PearlTrees (collaborative bookmarking using connected tree metaphor)
Pinterest (visual pinboards on a variety of niche topics)
RebelMouse (your social media home page)
Scoop.it (regularly scan selected feeds to create magazines)
Sqworl (thumbnails with annotations)
Storify (used by major news media, allows you to gather feeds to tell the story surrounding an event)
Symbaloo (create launch pages based on tiles)
Themeefy (publish media-rich magazines)
Tumblr(microblog using text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos from your browser)
Yahki and Yahki for Education tell a story or share news using social media elements

Specifically for education:
Biteslide (scrapbook for classes)
BlendSpace (create annotated tiles for playlist and presentation)
EduClipper (digital clipboard)
MentorMob (multimedia playlists) (create media-rich learning playlists)

Curating Video
OpenEd, once registered, create courses and playlists of videos and other content in the site’s directory, aligned with standards
Teachem: pull YouTube videos into online courses
Huzzaz, Pinterest for video with discussion features

Robin Good's The Future of Curation Tools Part 1

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